April 15, 2008

Roommate—We Were Enchanted
180gram virgin vinyl 16bux ppd(extra for international orders)

in the second full-length for chicago’s roommate, mr. kent lambert has been joined by a few new folks providing us, the listener, with a richer experience. this release is on 180gram virgin-vinyl with artwok by dean rank and letterpressed jackets by dexterity press.
read more about this super record that only begins to reveal itself with repeated listens.
give track 6 a listen

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Sin Ropas—Fire Prizes
picture disc virgin vinyl w/die-cut jacket
15.00 ppd(extra for international orders)

Sin Ropas, Tim Hurley & Danni Iosello makes their home in Marshall, North Carolina. They moved into the town’s abandoned library building where they wrote and recorded “Fire Prizes”. The week they started recording, the French Broad River, which divides Marshall along the rail lines, jumped its banks and threatened the town. A dark and slow chaos ensued: people scattered languidly, trains sneaked along their tracks lowing tentatively, smaller, and then larger, pieces of people’s lives floated past the back doors of the library to the lost-sound accompaniment of the landlady’s dish collection clanking and ringing at the watertop below.

This release, Matryoshka doll-like, is limited to 485. There is the die-cut letter pressed jacket with the die cut tree revealing the full color inner-sleeve and when you pull the last layer back the picture disc is revealed. Brent Green provided the artwork for the inner-sleeve and picture disc while the fine folks at Dexterity Press provided the super die-cut jacket with inked letter pressed font.

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Praise hurled by Ian Crowther over the Sin Ropas LPEEE

Tim,Just wanted to let you know that I was actually between record players
when I picked up the Sin Ropas lp from you the other week, but I just
had a chance to hook up my new AR XA and Fire Prizes was the second LP
i put on (after Ekkehard Ehlers’ Life without fear). The album sounds
nothing short of amazing, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen an lp
package more thoughtfully constructed. Hats off (and thanks),

Roommate—New Steam ep
10bux ppd(extra for international orders)
100gram virgin vinyl
The New Steam EP was produced between November 2006 and January 2007 at the late, great Ice Factory venue/recording studio. In addition to songs and arrangements by Roommate frontman/founder Kent Lambert, it features performances by drummer Seth Vanek (Crap Engine, Velvetron), guitarist Justin Petertil (Crap Engine), analog synth savant Luther Rochester (Low Skies), bassist Anton Hatwich (Rempis Percussion Quartet, Kyle Bruckmann’s Wrack), bassoonist Katie Young & violinist Erica Dicker (Till By Turning), violist Amy Cimini (Till By Turning, !!!, Imaginary Folk), and banjoist Mercedes Landazuri (Rio Bamba, Saravah). Todd Leibov (Aleks and the Drummer) and Thomas Comerford (Kaspar Hauser) make guest appearances.

The 10” vinyl edition (in a limited run of 500 copies) includes letterpress artwork designed by Dean Rank and printed at Chicago’s Dexterity Press.
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Interkosmos-original soundtrack
Jim Becker & Colleen Burke

180gram virgin vinyl
15.00bux ppd(extra for international orders)

The music for Jim Finn’s “shoe-string sci-fi” was created by Jim Becker and Colleen Burke with additional drum parts by Jim White and additional vocals by Jiha Lee. Besides writing and touring with his band Califone, Jim Becker most recently has toured with the bands Freakwater and the Dirty Three. As well as playing piano in the band We Ragazzi, Colleen Burke recently toured with Smog and is currently collaborating with filmmaker Eve Sussman to develop a musical film in Miami. Jiha Lee has sang and played flute with Bright Eyes and The Good Life. Dirty Three drummer Jim White has toured and recorded with Cat Power, Nick Cave, Will Oldham and recently played percussion on the score of Nick Cave’s film The Proposition. The limited of run of 500 180g pink vinyl is hugged by a cleverly crafted jacket designed by Dexterity Press.

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Shana David- Terminally Bourgeois ep 7inch
70gram white vinyl
5bux ppd(extra for international orders)
Shana David’s first EP, “Terminally Bourgeois,” as Andre Breton declared all music to be, is a 70g white vinyl 7″ that features artwork by local Jacksonville artist and collaborator Ryan Strasser. An MG-1 Mini-Synth (played by Shana) and vocals (also Shana) are, “…nothing short of delightful,” or so said Jacksonville’s Folio Weekly. They also called it “witty,” with lyrics that are “clever as hell,” and referred to the album as, “a super neat collection of short funness,” a phrase that rather aptly describes Shana herself. The 7″comes wrapped in it’s very own sanitary trash bag. “ps- i enjoyed ‘fucked up’ thanks for the 7inch. -ian mackaye”

lend track 1& 4 an ear.
i fucked up